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Marge Page Pro-Am Rules

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Marge Page Pro-Am

Crestview Country Club North Course
June 19, 2019


The professional will play his own ball for the entire round.

The amateurs will play a shamble. Each amateur will play a tee shot.

After choosing the preferred tee shot, each amateur will complete the hole with their own ball. Amateurs may ONLY use the professional’s tee shot on Par 3’s

Amateurs may place the ball within one club length of the selected tee shot, and one putter head length on the putting green. If the selected tee shot lies in a hazard or a bunker, the ball must be replaced within one club length in the hazard. The bunker may be raked before placing.

NOTE: With the exception of the drive, all balls must be played down.



One low net score per hole. PAR IS YOUR PARTNER. The maximum team score per hole is a par. The professional’s score may count for the net best ball of the team.

Please record gross individual scores and one (1) best net scores total.

Scorecard must be signed by the professional and one team member.

The scorecard shall be returned to the scoreboard upon completion of play.



75% of handicap up to a maximum 21 strokes.



All ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff, beginning on #1 handicap hole.



In an effort to speed up play, please pick up if your ball if your score will not help team score.



Professionals will play from the Tour markers.

Men will play from the blue tees.

Women will play from the red tees.



Play will be from Holes #1 and #10.

Morning tee times will start at approximately 7:00 A.M.

Afternoon tee times will start at approximately 12:00 P.M..



U.S.G.A. Rules will govern play, except when altered by local rules.

Yellow lines and/or yellow stakes define water hazards.

Red lines and/or red stakes define lateral hazards.

Out of bounds are defined by white stakes or fences.


LOCAL RULES: Tour Local Rules are in effect and located on a separate sheet that will be supplied to the contestants prior to play.

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